day 2 update

well we woke up in Sivota a lovely little sheltered harbour with a few tavernas. i did feel a little worse for wear from last nights ouzo and wine with my calamari.

then our new captain Tom yes “captain tom” arrived but he didnt have a zimmer frame.

so bye craig and hello tom and anchors away to another hard days graft on the sea.

brilliant stop for swim at dessima and quick lunch and off to practice gibe-ing and tacking which was difficult with hardly any wind!

now we are in lefkas town harbour catching food (and wine) whilst the skipper and capt tom plan our night sail!!! oooohhh!!!

3 replies on “day 2 update”

Bloody physically and me at ally exhausted and brain dead, but in the best possible way!! What an amazing day… xx

What an incredible day – it’s what dreams are made of!
Am loving the commentary and photos!!
Happy sailing xx

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